Skip BBedit 6 "native"


I've been a BBEdit user since version 2.x. In all that time my favorite feature was the fact that it was BLAZING FAST. It started fast. It performed all of its functions fast.

Well as excited as I was about the Carbonized version of 6.x I really want to reccomend that you all skip it. It is S L O W ! ! ! ! Wait for a more optimized version.

I've resumed using my 5.1.1 under Classic just so that I can get my work done.

I have always graciously given Bare Bones Software my money but this is the first time I have regretted it.
I agree BBedit is much slower, but I have been using pepper since X beta and find it has the speed and power to do all my php scripting that I used to do in BBedit. Pepper is missing the wonderful coding tabs from bbedit but it is still worth th $45.