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I've been having a problem with my 2nd gen 15GB iPod recently in that it just skips over entire tracks. It will be playing through a playlist and it will quite literally jump over several songs at a time (not like in shuffle, the info for each individual song will be briefly displayed before it skips to the next).

This only really happens when running, someting to do with movement? I have already replaced the hard drive, as the last one was starting to make a noise like an electric drill, but both have suffered from the same problem.

Is this just me, or is this normal for an iPod? surely I can't be the only person using one while running??

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My only idea so far is maybe the iPod can't read the MP3, so it skips it. Does it skip cirtain songs or randomly?


Hi, thanks for the reply.

It just skips them randomly - songs that play fine when I'm sat on the train etc are being skipped while running. At first I thought that perhaps it could be something to do with the hard drive - the jogging motion making the heads touch the platters or something, but loads of people use iPods for running, right?

I have restored it several times which leads me to believe it is hardware - could it be something to do with temperature? I don't know the operating temperatures of the 2G iPod (the specs are long since gone from Apple's website), but I have only started using it this winter (I'm in the UK, so temperatures aren't too extreme - about 3ºC - 6ºC usually).

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it sounds like you've not been letting it update fully, and not letting it disconnect properly afterwards. you really do have to play by its rules on this one - don't rip the cord out when you feel like it - eject the ipod properly.

it causes the symptoms you're seeing, as well as potentially buggering up the hard drive (which you have already seen)


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2G iPod with 15GB? Isn't it a 3G iPod with the four buttons above the weel? Either way, doesn't matter. I've had my iPod(s) skip songs sometimes when they're in a container created by Quicktime instead of iTunes. Strange.

Temperatures around 0 Celsius shouldn't do any harm. The display might get a bit low-contrast at low-temps, but the player should work just fine.


Ah - thanks. There have been a few times I forgot to eject it. I'll reformat it and see if it still has the problem afterwards.

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