Skype crazier then ever?


My girlfriend is using my old MBP early 2008. Skype has always been a pain in the xxx using 60-90% CPU and making fans go wild. But for some reason it became even worse now :(

Skype is using up too 120-130% CPU when doing video calls, and making the computer useless. First I thought it was because a newer version of Skype, so I reversed back to the older version. But the high CPU usage is still the same. What can be going on here?!?

Only Skype makes this problem. When not using Skype all is normal.

Hoping for some help!
Which version of Mac OS X is she using?
Did she update her OS X recently? (Maybe Mavericks doing still its mavericks...)
Or did anything else change recently, other than going to a newer version of Skype and back?
I wish I could test that on my MBP - too bad the microphone of it hasn't worked for a few years now, so not really much point of trying mute skypes...