Sleep / Doc items


Ok one i cant put os X to sleep. Thats just weird and two how do i remove items from the doc? I dont want the email icon since i wont use it till after os x is final and i dont need the internet if i cant connect to it via dialup. And three how do i get a new folder.

Minor things

This may be a new OS, but Apple tried to keep stuff the same.

To create a new folder it's [command /apple] [N] like in OS 6.x-9.x- or file new folder.

to sleep its the power key on your keyboard and then

To remove items from the Dock, you just drag them off the dock and let go... they go "poof"!

you can connect with dialup using PPP connect in the applications folder in OS X.

keep playing with it... you'll get the hang of it soon!