Sleep Mode Problem With My Mac G4


Hello and thank you for you support website. I recently upgraded my Mac G4 with an Apple OEM/ATI Technologies RADEON 9200 PRO 4X AGP 128MB Video Card. It's very impressive and a big improvement over the factory installed RAGE ATI card. Since I installed it though, I haven't been able to wake up my monitor from "sleep mode" by pressing the keyboard or moving the mouse. I'm not certain that the installation of this card is causing my problem. I'm hoping you can shed some light on the subject. My settings for sleep mode haven't changed and this was not a problem prior to the installation. I am running OS 10.2.8. Thank you.
If you do a google search then you will see that this is not an uncommon problem, with many theories, a number of them pointing fingers at added PCI cards and peripherals. I just repaired a G5 with the same problem by throwing out the preferences and running Disk warrior...

However, before doing that I would remove the new card, put in the old one, and see if the problem still persists...