Sleep on G4s


Has anyone ever been able to get a G4 to sleep under OS X? My G4/500 AGP sleeps just fine under OS 9.1, but sleep's grayed out on the Apple menu under OS X, and the Energy Saver preference panel will shut down the screen, but won't spin down the drive or sleep the CPU.
I think it is because OS X kernel is UNIX. UNIX is running for 24x7x7. It is a server, not traditional destop OS like OS 9, windows. It is networking-oriented system. Networking-oriented system normally won't shutdown harddisk and CPU.

I can't give more reason.
Packets won't do it. Or shouldn't. I sleep my TiBook in the middle of traffic all the time.

The problem you are talking about is noted in Mac Help. You have a PCI card installed, don't you? Go to Mac Help from the Help menu in the Finder, then click the More link under News. Click Hardware Compatibility and then scroll down to the bottom (or don't, lucky prople with high res screens). Click I can't put my computer to sleep, and there's your article. It says you have to remove your PCI card to get it to work. Not too helpful, eh?

BTW, type "speak" into the ask field and click ask. Read the title of the first thing lol:D
Yeah, this sounds familiar. I'll just remove the PCI card.

Oh, wait. The PCI card in question is the Ultra2 LVD SCSI card that drives my startup disk. Do you think the system would run okay if I just removed the card? :)