Sleep on Lid Close


I have a G4 Powerbook and when I close the lid it goes to sleep and disconnects from the wifi network... I would like it to stay on... without going to sleep and disconnecting from the network... is there anyway to change the settings or anything?
Unfortunately putting a computer to 'sleep' or on standby means that you will be disconnected from networks. The reason for this is that your computer goes into a power-saving mode, which means EVERYTHING in your computer turns off except the RAM (which remembers how you left your computer before you put it to sleep).

I don't think there's a way to keep it on while your computer is sleeping.
I want to prevent it from sleeping in the first place... i want it to do nothing... basically as if I had the screen up.
First, if all you want is to work with the lid closed, with an external monitor and an external keyboard and mouse, there is an article on Apple Support that describes how to do that:

If you just want to be able to close the lid, and have the computer still running, without going to sleep at all, there is another method. You have to block the magnetic switch, that puts the computer to sleep.

Be careful if you use the latter method, sharp edges on the metal sheet will scratch your screen. Smooth the edges with a file first, and then wrap them up in soft tape. You still have to be careful about the way you handle the computer when the lid is closed. While the hard drive is still spinning, it is very vulnerable to shocks from just about any direction. Don't move the PowerBook about too much when it isn't sleeping or shut down (i.e. don't walk around with it)!