Sleep Problems On Dual 1ghz G4 (10.4.1)


I am having a problem that I haven't heard of yet.
My 1ghz dual G4 (mirrordoor) is going into sleep mode every chance it gets. I barely had enough time after I woke it back up to check my energy saver prefs, and it says it is set for "never". It's never done this before. Sometimes it won't even let me wake it up from sleep mode. I installed Tiger about a month ago, and it has been working fine till now. It could be a tiger issue, but it weems to me like it is my computer...but I really have no clue.
does anyone else? I can do very limited testing on it, seeing that it goes right to sleep pretty much as soon as I turn it on. I have done a soft reset, which didn't solve my problem.
Thanks to whoever can solve this one.
J Rose
I had the same problem with my Dual 1GHz Powermac G4 Quicksilver running 10.4.2. I followed jjividen's suggestion, removed all USB devices except the keyboard/mouse. Not-waking-up-from-sleep problem resolved. Individually returned my USB devices and found two that were problematic. One was a Sandisk flash card reader that is out dated and no longer supported. The second is my iPod shuffle. If I insert the shuffle into its dock, go to the apple in the top left and come down to sleep, its frozen again.

I tried plugging the shuffle into both the standard USB ports on the back of the box as well as my Adaptec 5100. Same issue.

Anyone have thoughts as to why the iPod would cause sleep issues?