Sleep Problems with TiBook


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Just picked up a new iBook yesterday with 320 megs of ram. It's absolutely the best laptop I've ever had, it's killer...

Only thing is, in OS X, if I put the computer to sleep for longer than about 15 minutes, it wakes to a gray screen and the spinning rainbow ball, and I have to hard reset. After this, the iBook loses its date and time settings, reverting to Decmeber 1969!!

Anyone else have this problem? It makes sleep mode a very risky and annoying endeavor, that's for damn sure.


I have a TiBook (PowerBook G4) and put it to sleep and resume (close and open the lid) many many times a day. I'm running OS X 10.0.3. Never saw this problem. Sorry.

Your posting is a bit confusing. The subject line indicates it's a TiBook question yet you talk about the iBook in the subject.

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- Steve


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Occasionally I have that problem with my TiBook. Sometimes it happens when I've only put it to sleep for a couple of minutes. I wonder if the battery contacts are very snug.

It'd be nice if on startup there was some alert that your clock was screwed up. I never notice it 'til part way through some failed ./configure script.



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Yeah, I had the same problem, although I can't remember if I got the rainbow wheel or not - I kind of thought it was just that my screen hadn't come back on, but now you come to mention it.....

I too do the close lid/open lid thing quite a lot, but didn't think it was anything to do with that.

It's only happened the once, anyway (touch wood)...


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My TiBook has slept for many hours, always coming on as if I just ended a screen saver, with no problems at all. Maybe you should contact Apple while it is still under warranty?