Sleep with only BT peripherals



After reading some documentation, some of the marketing blrubs and the forums... it seems that when you are regularly using the Mac, it is better to set it to sleep rather than shutting it down every time. Fair enough...

I have a Mac Mini, with only BT mouse and keyboard. I have the settings for BT such that the machine accepts requests from BT peripherals to wake up. when I try to shutdown the keyboard and mouse after setting the machine to sleep, it wakes it up... it seems a bit of a waste of the battery to me to leave them on, just so I can wake up the computer again.

I can turn them off before th machine falls asleep, but then it looses connection and doesn't recognise them once I turn them on. So I have to press the start button for a while to reset the whole thing.

Any ideas?


Nobody replied to this, perhaps because everybody knows the answer... but I will answer just in case some other newbie comes this way!

It is quite easy actually, you just disable the option where you allow BT devices wake up the Mac. That way, once you send it to sleep you can turn off the BT devices (mouse and keyboard), and use the power button on the Mac Mini to wake it up!



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Ah! :) No, I didn't know that without a connected keyboard the power button acts as a wake-up! Interesting... :)