Has anyone run into sleep problems using OS X PB (I mean, other than not getting enough from being up all night playing with it)? I've set the energy saver preference to sleep after 30 minutes, and even though there's no network activity, my G4/500 never goes to sleep. Even selecting "Sleep" from the special menu has no discernable effect. I had a hard time under OS 9 waking from sleep, but never from getting the machine to sleep in the first place...
Seems like it keeps my printer (USB laser Lexmark) from going to sleep (stand-by low-power) which use to work. And now, seems like the printer isn't going into stand-by under 9.0 either.

New, 2000 era G4, iBook, PowerBook (Firewire), do and wake up in couple seconds, so seems they haven't gotten round to it - and yea, sleep might be nice, too!

Apparently it is not working (yet). When I select SLEEP from the menu, nothing happens. When I let the system "time-out" according to my customized power saving settings, only the monitor sleeps.