Slide Show Iphoto 5 Won't Fit to Music


Q: I have a slide show of 94 photos which I want to run with a music bed. I want each slide to show for one second. I have tried several times to make this stay on one second per image, but the show always runs over.... the song by itself in iTunes runs 4:04, so it's not too short at all.

I have tried this show with and without using the Ken Burns effect and still have the same timing problem. Does adding that effect do something to change or corrupt the slides or slide show that cannot be undone?

But here's one weird thing: once or twice, when I 've tried playing my slide show, the timing *has* worked out ok, but in every other instance, it's been off... off by six or eight slides leftover without music under them.

The images are unedited 2500 x 1900 pixels (roughly). I have a G4 iMac with 512mgs of RAM using Tiger 10.4.1.

I just bought the new iLife for its easier to edit slide show and this inconsistency is driving me nuts... I have to put this show on for several hundred people in a week! Thanks for your assistance.