Slimmed system?


During the OS X install, you don´t have the possibility to do a manual installation (instead of recommended). You have to install everything.

But how do I slim down the system after the installation? I know that ~160 MB from the total ~800 MB are QT movies, but is it possible to make further "diets" on the system?

I'm going to use OS X on my PowerBook for Web development so i'm just going to need internet access and QT.

Normal programs can be uninstalled dragging them to the trash like in MacOS 8/9. Are there frameworks or other files that I don`t need?

I have enough hard disk space, but I just love slimmed systems. So if anyone of you out there have some experience in slimming down systems (maybe old Nextstep users) please help me.

Oh, one more thing... :)
Is there a third-party DVD player for OS X? There is no program for DVD in OS X.

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What I did was to install OS X and then go and "cut the fat" once that was done by throwing away stuff I dont need manually.
I am with you on a slimmer faster os, and with OS 9 I would agree 100% with you. But this is OS X! No matter what you have on your system, (from my understanding) it only uses what it needs so you don't have3 the old worries of extensions and control panels slowing you down. I deleted the QT movies for space sake but other than that, let my folders be fat with BSD tools!!!