Sloooooooooow Email Response, Loading Message...


Just upgraded from 10.2.8 to 10.4 (and then to 10.4.1). Email has become increadibly SLOW for several users on our college campus. Bandwidth is not an issue; the students are gone for the summer. It should run at lightining speed.

If I click on a message that I've read, I see the message right away. If I click on a message that I have not read, it can take 45 seconds to see the text. And, it's a simple text message. I get the "Loading message..." on the screen.

The problem is also described by these folks:
also --

It appears that it was present in 10.3 for some people.

10.4 has so many great features. How could they screw up email????
Hi Paul,

I've had the same problem since moving to 10.4, and have yet to find a solution. Has anybody given you any clues (I couldn't see any responses to your post on the site)? The problem is becoming very distracting for me - particularly because I receive a large number of very big files each day - and the waiting time can run into many minutes. I'm not at all keen to move to Thunderbird or Entourage (although I have both), because I am otherwise very happy with the Mail application.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Try targeting the Envelope Index file.

Quit Mail first and using the Finder, go to Home > Library > Mail. Copy the Mail folder and place the copy on the Desktop for backup purposes.

Using the Finder, go to Home > Library > Mail > Envelope Index. Move the Envelope Index file to the Desktop.

Launch Mail and if prompted to import mailboxes, choose Continue.

This will force a re-index of each mailbox when selected.

If this resolves the problem, you can delete the copy of the Mail folder and the old Envelope Index file from the Desktop.
bobw said:
This will force a re-index of each mailbox when selected.

But this happens with new setups. It still happens after we use the "Re-index" option from the menu.

It does not afflict Thunderbird. So I don't think that the problem is with our mail server. The problem is the or with's compatibility with our mail server.

Lots of people have reported this problem. It does get a little better over time. I have a vague impression that 10.4.2 and other updates have improved things. I do not believe that the problem has completly gone away.