all of a sudden my ibook is incredibly slow! restart takes around 15 joke. once it's up and running it works well unless i try to do more than one application. i have plenty of memory on my hard drive and around 500+ ram.....what's happened?
if you have an idea please, please speak to me in plain, simple english....assume i know nothing because i know very little. i converted to mac a little over a year ago and will never go back but because it has worked so well i've not had to learn how to fix things but have simply been free to enjoy.
thanks for any advice...scottie


First try to run disk repair. This can be found in the utilities folder which you can get to by going to the finder (the top menu) and clicking go then utilities. You should see an application called disk utility. Use it to repair many permissions, etc which could be the cause of your slowdown. Simply click on the hardrive you want to be repair and click repair disk permissions. Tell me if this fixes the problem. The same happened to me and running disk utility set everything right again.