Sloooowww G4 Powerbook 12"


I can't figure out why my PB is so slow. My MacBookPro is working fine. I get the dreaded "beach ball" when I am just trying to load up a webpage (using Ffx). My system config is: G4 PB (PowerBook 6,8), 1.5 GHz processor, 1.25 GB Ram, 100 GB HD (45 GB free), running Leopard (software updates JUST installed).

This computer shouldn't be so slow--should it?



Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Have you run any maintenance software on it like OnyX or Yasu? Either of those apps should clean up your system and optimize it as best as possible.

Of course, since you're saying that the slowness is in Firefox, I have to wonder if it might be your network connection (whether wired or wireless) or your Internet connection (from your ISP). Depending on what you're doing online, some ISPs have been known to throttle traffic. Also, if anyone else on the network is streaming audio or downloading files, it will also affect the speed of your network connection.

If the rest of your system doesn't feel slow and it's only Firefox, then the slowdown might be due to other factors. You could also try a different browser like Camino which seems to run a bit faster than FF 3.0.1.