Slow after a freeze...


Ok, long story short IE or AIM wasn't working, so I was force quitting it to try and get things working again.... and it never did quit, finally I killed it in the terminal and it went away. I then launched Entourage (or OS X), AIM and iTunes and all of them bounced, stopped, and no triangle appeared under them... yet they appeared in TOP as running programs. I tried to force quit them (and did) and then I was going to log out and back in to solve wahtever was giving me grief. Well, something didn't quit completly so I tried to force quit the finder and that didn't help anything, so I got back into my terminal and killed the Loginwindow and, normally, it would being the whole OS back up.. instead I got the default blue background and a spinning CD for 4 minutes, then I did a hard power off ... After that the System would be super sow, typing lagged in AIM or MS Word, etc.... I did an update to my prebidnings and that seemed to help but I don't know what to do to make OS X seem as snappy as it once was.. any ideas guys?