Slow and broken after security update


Three unfun things have happened since the security update on my iMac rev B (256mb RAM):

1. Everything is slower, expecially classic.
2. File permissions changed all over the place...documents I use every day were suddenly read-only for me.
3. I have one of those "disk-on-key" USB devices that acts like a 8mb volume, and mounts when you plug it into a USB port. It has always worked perfectly under 9.2 and 10.x. Now it doesn't mount at all...I rely on this thing for transferring files between my work win2k box and my mac at home.

Anybody else having these issues?
I had a similar issue... after the update *everything* was slower. I even rebooted a couple of times to no avail. Finally, I shutdown the machine, let it sit for a minute, and then brought it back up. It's been blazingly fast (by comparison, its a beige G3) since.

Don't know if that would help you or not...
Well, I didn't have a my first kernel panic today (never seen one before, from PB, to 10.0.x, and 10.1).

Strangely, after having to unplug my imac after the kernel panic, it's way better now. Even my USB disk-on-key mounted. Very fast again, too!

Wonder why...(and yes, I rebooted immediately after the security update, too).

Oh well, it's fun again.
Same sort of problem here - on B & W G3, OS X 10.1 was stable as a (only slightly wobbly) rock. Did the security update, got three kernel panics that evening, two since then...

Haven't noticed much speed difference though.
I think the reason you see improvements after a shutdown, but not after a logout or restart, has to do with OS X's caching. X will cache everything including the kitchen sink if it can, and the memory caches do not empty out immediately. It takes a minute or two.
Thus, if you shut down and leave your 'puter off for a minute or two, you will not have any weird conflicts cached any more.
wow, this is the first I've heard about any of these problems. It installed perfectly on my G4. No kernel panics (I've only had one ever when I was messing around with programming) and the speed seems to be the same, if not faster. I've also not had any problems with permissions. I'd say post this on the Apple Discussions board and let them know.