Slow Authentication


Our school is running OS X 10.2.8 server. We used all OS9 clients logging into Macintosh Manager last year. We added 2 labs of eMacs & G5 iMacs running 10.4 and 10.3.9.
We have activated LDAP on the server and used the Directory Access utility to setup the clients. The first problem is performance. Login is so slow it is unusable. The second problem is that the 10.3.9 clients are not authenticating. The only login is accounts on the client.

The network is 100 MB to the desktop and the server is a G4 866 MHz with a gig of RAM.

Any suggestions will be appreciated
Make sure your LDAP setting are correct and that you added LDAP into (whats the middle tab... I don't think its contacts) Authentication if it isn't already, if it isn't it should speed up performance greatly. Also, don't have everyone login at the same time - you might want to consider switching to a Gigabit ethernet instead of 100/10 Mbps. You're having users send info, login, etc. through 100Mbps which amounts to 12.5 MB/s, wherease 1Gbps would amount to 128MB/s Mbps stands for megabits per seconds, where as MB/s is Megabytes a second. You might try splitting up the labs with their own server. Use an iMac G5 as one of the servers. Just try not to use more than 60 machines on 1 100Mbps server. Check ip address, check ethernet ports, check Directory access (these are for your 10.3.9 machines).