Slow DNS response on Wireless


My apologies if this has been covered already, but my search-fu is weak and I didn't really see it answered in another thread.

Since upgrading to Tiger, my networking at home has been almost unusual. I finally traced it down to DNS lookups. Just about every-other DNS lookup will timeout. As you can imagine, this makes just about everything related to Internet usage suck. :)

I did some searching on the Apple forums and found some mentions of IPv6 causing this issue. Disabling IPv6 did improve things somewhat but not enough.

After some experimentation, I found this only happens when I'm using the AirPort connection. I'm surprised the 10.4.1 patch didn't fix this since there was something suspiciously close to that fixed in the patch.

I know it's not my DNS server in my firewall because any other computer, including Panther Macs, has no trouble with DNS lookups on the same network. I also take my PowerBook to work, connect to my work's wired network, and then VPN into my home network so I wind up using the same DNS server in that situation and it is always fast.

My work-around has been to turn on a local named service as a DNS caching server. This is less than ideal since it requires me to have a different network profiles for each location I'm at.

Any ideas to fix this, or do I need to head to Apple support or wait for 10.4.2, or?