Slow E-mail - Aol 5.0


Why does it take so long for me to open an
e-mail? I have a Power Mac G3- OS 9.22
with AOL 5.0. After I read about 6 e-mails,
I get a bouncing ball that hangs for about 45 to
60 seconds before I can open another e-mail.
This problem started back in June, I have re-built the desktop, reinstalled the operating system and reinstalled AOL. Would a conflict
or a firewall cause this problem? How can fix it?
It could be a memory issue. How much memory is installed on the computer?
How much memory is allocated for AOL?

To find out about the allocation, Quit AOL if it is running.
Click once on the AOL icon, then go to the file menu and select Get Info.
The window that opens will give you a lot of information. At the bottom is minimum memory, suggested memory and preferred memory.

What numbers are in those boxes?