Slow Emac Powerpc G4 2.1


Hi there,

I have two eMacs, both the same spec, but one is running significantly slower than the others - its response time from any input, and its processing time is painstakingly slow. I wondered if you had any idea how. I am a Windows user normally, so I dont have a clue where to look. I have done a disk permissions verify and repair, but this didnt seem to work.

They are both connected to the internet permanently via a local office network.

It runs on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Any ideas?


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
How much memory do they have? How much disk space is agvailable on these eMacs?

Make sure you have enough space available otherwise you will experience slowdowns in OS X. Also try going into single user mode by holding down Apple-S after the startup chime. This will drop you into command-line mode and tell you what you ned to do (fsck and all). Run the fsck command a few times and then type "exit" to return toi the GUI.

HOpefully those will do it for you.

BTW, don't use Norton products on Mac OS X. They haven't supported OS X well enough for a while now and might cause more harm than good.