Slow Internet


I'm using a IBook G4 and using firefox 1.0 for internet browser. Lately when I connect to the internet, it seems to take longer to open the page. I have wireless internet from the cable company. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?


First at all, what about your signal strength?? Are getting a good signal level??

Also you have to put attention about the distance between the wireless access point and your computer, maybe you move the computer arround, and some access points may vary the connection speed according to the distance.

And my last recomendation, be sure there is nothing causing some kind of interefence between the computer and the access point. Some wireless phones, microwaves ovens could cause interference and reduce the signal strength.

P.D. Also try another browser.


On the note of interference - if you are in good range of the main wireless point, then click the Airport menu bar icon and select Interference Robustness. This will improve the strength of the connection (in terms of interference) but will reduce the signal distance.

Also, is the internet slow for all websites?


Rosie Moderator
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Empty the browser's cache. That sometimes slows the load time because the browser is checking all the cache files.