Slow Motion!


Hold down the SHIFT key and click on the minimize button, and see what happens!
You can do the same (Holding down SHIFT) when you want to maximize an icon in the dock.

Also, open a few Finder windows, Hold down OPTION+SHIFT and click on the minimize button ;-)

I hope you enjoy these Slow Motion effects! Will Apple remove these features in the final release?

That's pretty cute!

Interestingly, option-minimize works in the Finder and in iCab, but not in the Terminal, Mail, or Projectbuilder (the other things I had running)...
Good Day,

The slow motion switch is SHIFT-Minimize, adding OPTION does the same task we're used to see in Classic Mac OS (closing all the windows at the same time.)
I'm I wrong or the option key to minimize or close every window is not working in Cocoa. That would be a major lost. Seems like Apple has removed every "trick" that was hidden in OS 9... But the slow motion effect is nice. What about that: replacing useful features with nice effects... What a Mac! Hope they'll do something.
option clicking on another app hides all the windows of the app i'm leaving, i think you might just be smokin a little too much crack ;)
Think you miss one part: you press option at the SAME TIME you push the little yellow button to minimize. That's what it is all about. But of course option+clic outside hides the app, as it always did :)
latoutfl - <i>I'm I wrong or the option key to minimize or close every window is not working in Cocoa.</i>

That's what it seems like, except that as I said, it does work in the Finder. If you look at the process viewer, all Carbon apps are actually running as copies of one process, something called LaunchCFMApp. So perhaps option-minimize is working in Finder and LaunchCFMApp, but not in most other programs. Which, as you say, would be a real shame.
I'm not sure, but if you look the way it behaves in other occasions, the Finder is still a Carbon app.(The way I know what type an app is is simple: open another one above the app, and then try to close the window behind belonging to the app you want to know about. If it comes to front before closing, it's still carbon. Well what a nice feature this one!!! Saves screen redrawing!)

I'm not sure too if they plan to make it Cocoa, but I guees it would gain speed. (the "finder") is indeed carbon -- mostly. It has wierd elements of coca, I hear.... Anyway, it is not launched by "LaunchCFMApp" (which I assume stands for launch carbon framework application), and runs under its own name. ( I think there is an app on softrack and versiontracker that will tell you whether other apps are classic, carbon, or coca.)

I think Apple is trying to smooth out the (substantial) differences between Carbon and Coca apps, so hopefully if enough report these little interface inconsistencies like the lack of option-click close/minimize in coca, they'll be gone by 1.0.

Incidentally, it sure would be nice if LaunchCFMApp was somehow renamed to reflect the app it waws currently "running." the command-option-escape trick (while totally useless for getting you out of a real hang) knows how to sort out the real app names, and it would be nice if processviewer, and top, and ps and the rest of Darwin could as well.

Last bit of info for now:
Apple wrote in carbon as a sort of "eat your own dogfood" measure. Developers needed convincing that carbon would be workabe for big ports, and Apple had to demonstrate somehow. I too find it unfortunate they did it on the, but hopefully that will change after a few releases.


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