Slow Saves



I have a powermac G5 2 x 1.8, 2GB ram, 2 x 160gb hard drives and running mac OS x 10.4.2.

I have a reasonable IT knowledge.

Since installing my second hard drive when I "save" or "save as" in photoshop cs or Microsoft office 2004 the dreaded spinning pizza appears for up to a minute before I get the options window.

I have tried fixing permissions, re-built the directory with disk warrior and have even done a clean install of tiger but nothing has stopped this problem.

My second hard drive is in bay 2 and is an identical drive to the original. I have not created a RAID set and just use the second drive as a back up resource.

can you help me solve this very annoying problem.

many thanks,

Iain Byrne


Mac Enthusiast
It may be a long-shot, but if the problems have come about after you installed your second drive check the connection to the drive and ensure one is master and the other is slave.


Since your G5 uses SATA there is no buss conflict between the two drives and there is no concern whatsoever with Master and Slave as that is meaningless to SATA. By any chance do you have System Preferences > Energy Saver set to "Put hard disks to sleep when possible"?


I have not got the energy saver set to "Put hard drives to sleep" it is set at never.
the problem still occurs when I have the second hard drive un-mounted so I think it is unconnected with the second hard drive.
I have read some reports that this happens with microsoft office 2004, has anyone had the same experience with photoshop cs?