Slow slow slow slow slow


I have had this problem a few times, and am wondering if anyone can throw me some ideas. Running 10.4.2 server on G4 iMac. Server runs great after initial startup, but after a week or two of uptime the Server Admin app starts working VERY slowly. As in, it takes about 3 minutes after launching to connect, authenticate, and display data. Compared to about 10 sec after a restart, and this is ridiculously slow.

I am a noob when it comes to both Mac and Servers, but am a relatively experienced computer-er in general. We just implemented this server about 2 months ago. Since then I have restarted it twice because of the same problem, and both times it has corrupted my OD database to the point that I have to completely rebuild it. This was with the server configured as OD Master. It's now set to standalone, as for some reason I can't get it to promote back to master. I fear restarting again, as I believe I'll lose the OD DB and have to rebuild it again.

Any suggestions?

Wishing I knew more UNIX so I could use command line instead of GUI,
AR Miller
It sounds like you don't have your server set up for a reverse dns lookup.

Open Terminal on the server and type in

nslookup <private ip address of server>

You should get your ip address and your domain name

then type in

nslookup <domain name of your server>

You should get your IP address as a response.

If you don't, your DNS server is not setup properly, and you will continue to have problems.