slow speed with file sharing ???


How in the world do i speed up my file sharing? when i set up either of my g4s for file sharring i get really slow transfer rates. regardless of if i connect the two systems over my lan .. or if i try and do things via ftp or web access the rates are always at best like 15k a second. this is simply unacceptable for me.... does anyone know a way to raise the transfer rates to something fast? i mean.. does this whole 100meg ethernet card business really work? if so.. how?

I'm not sure I know how to <em>fix</em> the problem, but I can assure you that it's <em>possible</em> to get faster transfers (IOW, it's not an OS X-wide problem). I transfer files at up to 1,600 KB/sec to and from my Windows box using Sharity (samba). The OS X machine is a G4 powerbook, and the Windows machine is a Compaq.

Just for kicks, you might try <em>powering down your hub</em> for several seconds, if that's feasible, and then powering on again. Sometimes a hub will act erratically if both the hub and a particular computer are turned on when the two are connected.

Good luck.

I will try the hub's a switch actually. I wonder maybe if it has something to do with the Linksys router/firewall as well. I hope someone can clear this file transfers are so slow it's pathetic.