Slow Starting Up iBook running Mac OS 9.2 - and I mean SLOW!



I am trying to fix an Apple iBook running Mac OS 9.2. The notebook is starting VERY slowly. I get an icon or two every 5-10 minutes, and the starting up progress meter inches along very slowly. I'm currently at 30 minutes running now. Oh, I just got a new icon!

I am not a Mac user, but after searching various forums and threads, I am leaning towards a hard drive format of some sort, assuming the computer eventually loads up.

Please advise if there are specific tasks or utilities you feel that I should run, or if you have other suggestions.


Welcome to the forum.

The first thing I would suggest is use a third party utility such as Disk Warrior or Norton Utilities for OS 9. Use the CD to start up the computer (insert CD, restart computer and immediately hold down the c key). Have it scan and repair all the problems it finds.

When done, quit the program, restart the computer and immediately hold down the option and Apple keys. Continue to hold down those two keys as it starts up and you get a dialog box asking if you wish to do a desktop rebuild. That dialog box will appear after those icons load at the bottom of the screen. When that message appears, release the keys and click on the okay button.

Now give it a test run.