Slow super-drive: Reading CDs


Got myself a 20" Imac (2Ghz, 1 gig of ram, 250gig, superdrive etc) a few weeks back (new model with tiger etc) after selling my iBook G4 and I have to say I'm a little surprised at the speed of the super-drive even compared to the combo drive in the iBook.

Last night Trying to copy a file from a CD-R to my desktop (a 545Mb .rar file), I experienced exceptionally long copy times (15min or so
The CD-R was somewhat old, so considering this as the cause I tried it in my knackered old 300mhz laptop, which took 9 mins to copy it (which seemed quite a while).

Somewhat surprised by this I burned a fresh disk on the iMac, to eliminate the possibility of the disk being the problem, and tried again.

Using this freshly burnt disk the iMac copies the file to desktop from the CD in 9 minutes.
My work machine (a PC with a 52X32X52X CD-RW & 16X DVD Aopen drive, 3Ghz and 512mb ram) does this in 1:45 which is significantly shorter I’m sure you’ll agree.

I've taken a quick gander around and been unable to find the spec of the super drive (not looked that hard to be honest), but this extremely slow reading is starting to get on my nerves (2-3 minutes to copy a 180 mb file!?).


Could anyone tell me if this performance is normal for an iMac? I’d read that Apple had made some compromises in speed for a slot load DVD burner but is it really THAT slow?



To add something to this (after calling apple), they suggested trying a different account, so as suggested I logged into my Admin account and tried the same process.

Admin account - 3:40
User acount - Now taking 12-13 minutes.

With that in mind any suggestions?