Slow Web Connection Since I upgraded To Tiger!?


I have two iMac's, one is a G3 the other a G4, I am using a standard wirless network. Until recently they were both running 10.3.9 and I had no problems with either network or web connections. But every since I upgraded the G4 to Tiger it has been at least twice as slow connecting and surfing the web than the G3. What could have changed to create this problem?

Any help would be most welcome


I don't really have any ideas, but thought you might like to know the exact same thing has just happened to me tonight. I came across your post while trying to find an answer.

My imac G5's 512k broadband connection over wireless has slowed to 33.6k modem speed (no joke). My iBook (using it now) still has 10.3.9 and works at proper speed, sp it is definately something to do with Tiger, coz I haven't installed any software yet.

Out of curiosity I installed Tiger on my eMac, and it also slowed, though not as much as my iMac (about half the speed).

Anyone know what is going on?

I'm using 10.4.0 and Airport Extreme through Netgear Wireless Router.

Just installed 10.4.2 Update Combo and the connection has sped up to close to full speed (speed tester says I'm getting a 45k transfer rate out of a possible ~55k), although general surfing feels slightly slower than that, could be in my head though.

Should have waited until I installed it before I posted the first message, but you can image how friggin long it took to download with my previous connection speed!

The small amount of lost speed could be because of Tiger's extra features like Dashboard going on in the background I suppose. Try turning off all widgets that use your connection before doing any tests.
Hi there,

I had the same problem and it took me two days to figure it out.

I have a mac and a pc, the pc was still fine but my Mac Airport signal went right down after installing Tiger. I could browse the web but it was painfully slow.

The remedy was to change the wireless channel on the router from 11 to 5. It could be any of the other channels but my PC didn't like them all.

I hope this helps.
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Post installation of Tiger Airport signal loss.
Netgear wireless DG834G router, old version Airport card, G4 IMac
Go into router interface, click on 'Wireless Settings', change channel, click apply.
Test your signal. If the signal is lost all together then unfortunately you will have to reset the router to factory default (holding down the reboot button on the rear of the router with a biro tip until the orange 'tick light starts to flash). If PCs are connected to your wireless network choose channel 5.