Slowest mac able to run OS X...


Puny Member
A 7600 120mhz 604 40mhz bus is the absolute slowest mac which can run OS X. How well does G48 run on it?

drum roll please...

It's actually usable!

I used the built-in non-accelerated video too. Works great!

It even used the Farallon 100BT card in it.


If you want to try this I suggest you install it on a hard drive wuth a supported mac then install the hard drive in your old mac. Booting off the CD (or should I say rooting off the CD) didn't enable the mouse, and universal access wasn't enabled either.

If you want to use a video card you have to connect the built-in video to another monitor. This is a well known problem.

Dust off those 604 based macs!


Go to version tracker and find "Unsupported UtilityX Ê-Ê 1.1". This will allow you to run OS X on PCI based Macs and some clones. Put a G4 upgrade card in and it will work fast even with 10.04.