Slowness due to optimization bug?


I've read on that some users (mostly iBooks and older G3s) are experiencing very slow performance.

They say it's due to an optimization bug in the istallation process for OSX.

When you are installing it *should* optimize the OS for your particular computer but actually it doesn't do this unless you do a custom install and install the Dev tools. Apparently this will be fixed in 10.0.1

So has anyone tried re-installing with the dev tools to see if it improves performance?

I'm thinking of doing it when i get home from work but wanted to see if anyone had already done it. (I have a rev A ibook and OSX is pretty unresponsive on it)
Well i installed the dev tools last night. It showed an "optimizing your system" message at the end of the installation...

and it is indeed a little bit more responsive - windows opening quicker. Clicking buttons is more responsive. Apps may be a little faster in loading although I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm a little happier...