i did go and buy osx , i had the beta some time ago. I have an ibook 366 with 190mb ram, but this is just way to slow for me. i see all this talk about osx, it looks cool and has much needed things for the mac , but like i say dam, its so f$#kin slow. any tips on how to speed it up? should i made my disk have it's own swap , like i do with linux? i want to use osx , but i just would love to speed it up.
...hang on a couple of weeks. If the raves about leaked builds are right, 10.1 is MUCH faster.
does anyone know how to use the search feature? OS X is Slow. There are ways to improve this. 10.1 is fast. Its coming sometime in september. All of these details are listed on the site at least 20 times. Put a little effort in and go look for the answers.
Well if you looked its fine, i'm just a little overwhelmed by the number of repeat threads in this forum. Its not your fault if you coundn't find any.

To use carracho:
go to
press server search on the top
type in 5g40
click on any server that has it, keep on going until you get into one
if it says it doesnt know how to handle the url, start up carracho manually

good luck, carracho is cool if you figure out how to use it.