Sluggish Web Scrolling

Hey ya'll, I am new to but it looks like a great and well done site. Anyways. When I scroll up or down or side to side in a web page (just a web page) be it Firefox, IE, Safari, or Opera (registrated version). it is sluggish and jerky, it's smooth at all like scrolling in os 9. BTW I am using a 400Mhz PowerMac B&W G3 with 512 Ram and QE enabled. Without QE enabled it was even worse!

So if you guys have any info or fixes or w/e I would greeeatly aprecciate it!
Quartz Extreme has a real effect only if have a "modern" video-card (radeon 7000 with 32 MB of RAM or more).

Since your Mac has a limited processor speed, try setting your monitor color depth to thousands instead of millions. Should speed things up a lot.
Just remember to turn it back to millions when using Photoshop, iPhoto or stuff like that.

Hope it helps.
Thanks for the relpy it does help alot but it's still not SMOOTH, I guess just need a more powerful processor, owell. Do recommend a processor and video card upgrade to a 1.1 GHz G3 and a 9200 Radeon with 128 MB of GPU RAM? or a FULL upgrade?
Well, considering this is an old machine with lots of RAM, there's only so much juice you can get out of it. I've used G4 "Sawtooth" Power Macs with Panther and although they had decent memory, they still were slow in processing some things compared to say, something like a G5 or a last generation G4. With that G3, consider that you are still limited to a 100 MHz front-side bus even if you DO upgrade the CPU. Compared to the higher bus speeds of the machines that came out after that, you would probably be better served getting a higher end model Mac...maybe one of the last Power Mac G4 models if you don't need anything BRAND new. Personally, I am getting a Mac mini. It's nice and small, still has enough power for my music creation needs as well as everything else, and only costs 500 bucks.