SMB: a yes or no answer


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OK: simple question, yes or no answer please, cos I'm confused.

using the built-in SMB in X.1 can you connect to an OSX share/volume/gibbon/whatever from a Wintel box?

If so, how?

(I know how to do it the other way - thanks anyway!!)


If you are interested in installing SAMBA, there are a few simple installers available at the Xamba Network Integration Project. They are really just Installer wrappers for fairly recent SAMBA builds, but if you don't need the latest/greatest, they are a good way to go. I used their Samba X installer a few weeks ago, and it was absolutely painless.


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The built in Samba client allows your Mac to connect to a shared drive on a windows network. It doesn't work the other way unless you install Samba.