smb and classic


After having toyed around with smb and mounting windows shares, it seems to me that there are various problems with it.

1. You have to know machine names/ip numbers and share names. That's just not user-friendly.

2. You cannot mount more than one smb-share unless you want the system to "panic" as said in the relevant apple tech doc.

3. OS9x does not see smb shares. If you try to open a document, the login window pops up again. If you login, you see two smb shares with the same name (+"_1"), get an error message and still can't access thru 9.1.

4. Using AFP over AppleTalk or TCP/IP is not good enough coz you don't get the full WIN file names.

Any idea how to get smb and classic to work?


Setup: Pismo400, 320MB, OS10.1 & 9.2.1, Server: NT4.0, Apple Services