smb os x.1 and password



I'm hoping that someone can help me. I'm using an imac with
os x.1 trying to connect to a samba server.

OS x.1 recongize the server when I connect via

However since the server uses unecrypted passwords, OS X doesn't allow the connection. I believe that OS x is encrypting the
password when passing it to the samaba server.

Is there anyway to turn of encryption or send the password via clear text when using Os X.1

Thank you!
I've never tried connecting to a Samba server, but with Appletalk and TCP/IP connections, I get a box for a username and password, and there's a button that says "options". When clicked, there is a checkbox in the window that "Allow Cleartext Password".

Now I'm not sure how Samba works, but you may want to look in to that.

Hope this helps (even if only to some extent ;))!
You can connect to samba/windows shares with encrypted and non encrypted passwords if you use Sharity, which you can get at It has a browser which enables you to see all shares etc.

Really nice software
Thank you for your help.

I was hoping for an easy Apple solution. Even a text file configuration in 10.1 would have made my day.

I'll give sharity a try.

Thanks again for the prompt response!

It turns out that there might be a bug with apple's smbclient.
If I changed my password to all lowercase, I'm able to map
the windows samba drive. Mixed case results in authentication

With another windows machine I can login via mixed case or lower case.