SMB question


First off I LOVE 10.1 on my dual icebook, 384mb of Ram helps out tremendously :D

now on to the question. I have a samba server running on my Linux router/firewall/dhcp server and I can access my samba shares from all my other boxes with no problem, including my icebook. But, I use my linux server as a fileserver for all my MP3s, so i dont have 10 copies of the same 1 gig directory in 10 different boxes. I figured out right off that the "alias"(not a true alias) that connect to server creates on my desktop cant be read by iTunes. So i made an alias for that and it read it fine, now everytime i login i have to clear my iTunes library and reconnect to the server and realias and readd it to the library. My question is, is there someway in OSX.1 to permanently add an alias for my share on my nix server? Similar to mapping a drive in windows? OR If someone has figured out howto mount an NFS share in OSX.1 please tell me exactly how, as I have NFS server running on my nix box as well but whenever i mount the share to a folder it mounts it, but when i double click on the alias it says cannot find original data and wont even let me trash the alias folder :(
Any help would be appreciated :D