SMS software for mac


I'd like to be able to send txt messages from my mac. Thing is I want software that will show my own mobile number as the sender in the mobile of the receiver, so they will text back to my mobile when they reply. I've seen programs for windows that do this, but non for os x. O2 offers an online version of this but its not as convenient as clicking an icon in the dock, since I have to go to the site and sign in. It doesn't have to be free, as long as its not a monthly subscription. I'd be happy with a pay as you go option or if it was charged directly from my mobiles credit. Anyone seen any programs that can do this?
Try this . Great progam, with a free trial period to test it out. There is an older freeware version, but it's not as full featured.

Edit: I assumed your using a bluetooth phone, but if not I'm sure if you search
macupdate, you can find something.
This looks ideal. Figured I need a bluetooth phone so just bought a motorola v600 on ebay. Cheers for the link!