Snap Server & 10.1 security update


I cannot open our Snap Server after applying the 10.1 Security update, the os return a message "Item 'SNAP on Artwork' (the server name) is used by MAC OS X and cannot be opened. Then the os returns another message "An unexpected error occured (error code -50).

So what to do now?

I don't know, except to reinstall 10.0.4 and then 10.1 and not the security update????

Anyone else got this problem:confused:


If you do decide to go back to 10.0.4 then update to 10.1, you *need* to reformat, according to Apple. The Security Update changed something that requires a reformat. I don't have the URL handy, and can't seem to find it now...damn. If I find it, I'll surely post it.