So, does Virtual PC 4 Work with OSX?


Sorry but I've just read the other topics on VPC and being new to Macs I don't understand a word of it?

so, all I need to know is weather or not I will be able to run VPC4 (Windows 98 only) in OSX, either in the classic bit or the new bit?

this will be the main contributing factor about upgrading to osx or not...

Thanks loads (in advance)...

VPC 4.0 will not run under OS X, nor will it run in Classic. It will, however, run if you simply reboot into 9.1, which you can do at any time with OS X.

Connectix has committed an OS-X version of VPC, due out sometime between now and July, from what I've read.

Will this then be a new product you'll have to buy or will there be an opdate/upgrade version for current owners of VPC 4?

- riven
It will be an update, but I don't think I've heard if it will be free or a small charge. It's not a whole new product, at least based on what the boards are saying...

I fired up SoftWindows95 to see if it'd crash OSX - and it worked flawlessly! Which means I can carry on running my Apache/MySQL/PHP setup under windows til I figure out how to get it all working in OSX.

Don't know whether that's good or bad :)