So far... So good... So what??


Mac Metalhead
The new OS really kicks ass. I am running a G4/450 Graphite tower, with 384 megs of ram and enough storage for several small nations.

So far it's the best thing ever. I really have no complaints. Photoshop has some funky mouse behavior when moving layers around. But Photoshop will be ported soon to OS X. The only problems I've had so far are with Classic apps, but those are mostly minor problems, and some programs, like Dreamweaver, work frighteningly well under Classic.

I'm a musician, and my recording software, Digital Performer 2.72 (which is the most fantastic piece of software written for the Classic Mac OS that I've ever used) does not work under OS X. But dual boot back to 9.1, no big deal for now. Digital Performer 3 is going to be totally revamped for OS X. Now that will really kick ass!!

I'm already delving into the unix side, at a snail's pace. Today I'm going to pick up a "unix for dummies" book, and really educate myself in a hurry. I like to think of myself as a power user, but the only things I know how to do in unix are the things I've HAD to learn out of necessity in certain situations.

Anyway, I hope I don't get that "apps become folders" problem some people are having. Now that would really suck. Crossing my fingers...

I'll be posting here a lot, so get used to me or something...