So I'm running OS X Final...

I'm running the Retail version of 4k78 - and it's MUCH faster than the 4k78 Release Candiate.

I assume Apple had a debug kernel in RC that was swapped for a production on in the Retail release.

Many small problems have vanished too. As example, in RC my 9.1 Classic env wouln't fully launch, just endlessly try, and it comes up wonderfully too. All apps are as fast running under Classic as they are when booting directly into 9.1.

My only complaint is that Entourage crashes my OS X hard, and VPC4 isnt' compatible. Hopefully these will have fixes soon.

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I do not understand how some people can have such a bad experience with OS X final (store bought copy, that is).

Today, I went to the store to see (and buy*) OS X. They installed Mac OS X on a PowerMac G4 466 MHz (this is not the fastest thing in the Mac universe, as you will recall), and all I can say is : this OS litteraly flies ! :D

I did the following test in store :
- run QT 5 and play 2 movies
- run iTunes and play internet radio
- start up the Classic compatibility layer
- surf on the internet with Internet Explorer, all at the same time
- all this while about twenty items populated the app side of the doc...

OS X did not even hickup once ! :D I would have quickly felt OS 9's limits doing all that ! :)

Moreover OS X felt much more responsive than the Public Beta for the same tasks. And I was not alone with this impression. We were probably 10 around the monitor screen at one point, and everybody said so too.

OS X 10.0 is clearly a huge step forward compared to the PB.

So this why I wonder about your copy of OS X. Is it a developer's copy ? Is it a Hotline copy ? Have you installed directly over the PB ? If the latter is true, maybe it is not such a good idea, especially if you did a lot of hacking of the PB...

[Addition : MacFixIt also recommends a clean install, i.e. to completely erase OS X PB from the intended partition. My OS X PB partition only contained OS X, so I reformated it. I then used Sherlock to locate and remove all the invisible files (.DT_xx) OS X PB left all over the place on my other disks... The only thing missing now is, ahh well, OS X ! ;) ]

* ... but I was too late, there were no copies left :(

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yes, i love it i love it i love it

it can be sluggish at times ... i have a G3 350 ... but with 384 MB of RAM ... it SHOULD fly all the time, but it doesn't. I sorta miss the clicking-the-mouse-halts-everything feel of the Classic OS, but I don't mind trading it for stability and sheer coolness.

for the most part though, its a treat. I'm pissed that iTunes works so poorly on visualization, and that it can't do full screen. I'm also mad that my QT4 registration isn't valid anymore. But then again, Apple just gave us the most amazing OS on the planet. I'm not complaining, really :)

Oh, and the lack of DVD playback kinda bites. I'm still going to spend a lot of time in 9.1, I can tell you that.

But has anyone tried installing OS X on an 8600/300?

this is an 'early adopters' release and folks were sufficiently warned about its current shortcommings. Apple said months ago that it would be missing features and wouldn't be as optimized as one would like.

Mac OS 9 flew, but had 15 years of optimization (and clutter) under it. Of course, I also have to reboot 9 at least twice a day... sometimes as a preventative measure, but often due to lockups.
I decided to upgrade my machine to 256Mb of memory (up from 128Mb) and I think it was a good choice. With MacOS X's interface it is so easy to forget which applications are open. Oh, and more memory = less swapping.