So is 5G64 GM?

Are any of you getting a item in the dock that pops-up and bounces when it wants your attention?

Is there any way to disable this?

It is really getting annoying!

Please Help Me!:(

I have it installed thanks to "MacAvenger", and although I think this build of 10.1 is great, there are some features I liked better in 10.0.4; not to mention some things that now don't work...figures...thats why im wondering if this is the GM or not?

Also about speed, I might be the only one that doesn't really see the 'vast' improvement...
Running Classic is SOOO much better in 10.1, but in overall performance i didn't notice much of a boost, although I thought that 10.0.4 was already decently fast...

What I like best about 10.1. System Prefs, much better...Also, my favorite thing is under the 'Mouse' Prefs, for notebook users only, select "ignore Trackpad while typing", this is so needed for us iBook/Powerbook users!
check it out, it actually works...Good! Sound and brightness buttons now work! Thank you!

What I don't care for in 10.1. Menulings insted of Docklings! The clock in the menubar...I like it and hate what it does, when you click it a menu appears, Apple should have made it where a single click changes time to date, like usuall, and a right click, or hold-click will make the menu appear!


Hay does Apple still have a feedback form?

Things OSX still needs.

How about the 'Hide' feature for apps in the Dock, its silly really... A-Dock has this, how come Apple's Dock doesn't?

Spring-loaded folders....

Here's an idea, how about an Apple-made dockling...the "Apple menu" dockling that works like a cross of Snard and Pop-up windows, that could work like an extra vertical Dock, from the dock, placing files and apps using the same Icon view and look like the Dock itself; it would pop-up vertically from the Dock as a second dock that has little animation only when poping-up and scrolling up and down....well?

and finally it needs APPS; which we'll get soon, im sure.

If these sound good, help me find a way to send them to Apple for future development on OSX."