So...I've seen Mac OS X running on a PC

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Has anyone seen a copy of Mac OS X running on a PC yet?

I saw one last Wednesday, a friend had it loaded onto his liquid cooled Pentium 4 box. The graphics were slowish, but the rest of the system looked just like normal.

Of course there are some glitches because it's only a developer version, but it was interesting to see it run on a non-Apple box.

Once and if the Apple lockout is hacked (let's face it it's Apple vs. the world of geeks) do you think Apple products will eventually die?

I mean to me as much as I love Macs, PC towers are more appealing to me because they can be upgraded with more parts. For example, my iMac only supports 802.11b AirPort cards, but my 1999 PC could easily be modified to use a 802.11g card even though it's older.

People's views? :(

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