So When is it Comming!?


I'm so tired of waiting for 10.1 I can't stand it! When is it comming out? Some people seem to imply that it is available now (and not just those who have illegally acquired it from Carracho, etc.) When can I get a legitimate copy? And how am I going to get it? If Apple makes me wait for a CD to arrive by mail, I am going to freak! Why are they not accepting pre-orders for the update CD? I can't imagine that there will be, but does anybody know if there will be a downloadable updater? I need answers!
you know, I must agree with you here. Although i am running the 5G64 GM, I am still planning to buy the retail version when it is released. WHY in the world does Apple make it such a secret as to the ACTUAL DATE OF RELEASE AND THE MEANS BY WHICH IT WILL BE CARRIED THROUGH? I know it causes expectations to rise and thats prolly great for anticipation and gossip and all but sheesh!, i'm gettin downright restless! I want not just the retail disc but the pretty box it comes in and the bonus software which accompanies it--BUT mostly I want the pretty white and blue box. I would rather buy retail than bring in a disc and have them burn for me. knowing me I would drop the disc in a mud puddle in the parking lot :)
Did I mention how much I admire the pretty box?

Man am I tired...
I have a theory...

With the close of the stock market today, Apple has pretty much kept at the same level that it opened on Monday. I think part of that is because everyone knows that 10.1 will be released any day now.

I think that 10.1 is a little golden goose egg for Apple, and if they release it at the wrong time, it could have a big impact on how it is received in the financial world.

Chances are, they will announce it at Seybold in San Francisco (Graphic Design Show) from Sept 24-28. Apple has one of their VP speaking for the keynote, with "a Satalite message from Jobs".
I think you're giving people who buy and sell large shares of stocks a little too much credit. While I think that Mac OS X.I is definitely going to help Apple increase the market share, I doubt many stock investors are following that. The main reason Apple has held, I think, is because the stock price is well under half (maybe even a quarter) of what its real value should be. Many people have called Apple a buy lately, but this is mostly because the cannibalization that is going on with the other PC companies will have little effect on Apple.
Acutually I'm quite tired of buying OSX. First we all bought the beta version, which was ok. Then we bought 10.0 which still is more like a beta version. I think it would be fair if 10.1 was released for free as a download or as a cheap cd at the store.
I didn't buy the beta, because I didn't have enough time to play with it, and certainly couldn't use it for work.

I got caught in the hype of 10.0 release, and bought that, mainly out of curiosity, but managed to integrate it into our work.

I downloaded 5G64 last night...

AND boy, I'll be first in line to pay for the update. THIS IS NOW WHAT I CALL A SUPERB SYSTEM.:D

Seriously, support Apple. They maybe rich capitalists, but imagine a world without them:confused:
oh, about the Seybold keynote...this message from Jobs...I am 100% sure that he will present new hardware. Why? He made perfectly clear that in Paris, no new hardware should be released. If Jobs says this, it means that a big hardware release was planed for Paris.
Now...internal Apple sources already confirmed that the Quicksilver casing was never planned for the G4. They wanted to introduce the G5 named "Quicksilver", but Motorola was unable to get them ready early enough, so they presented the G4 Quicksilver. Motorola just released the first specs about the G5 and when it is supposed to ship. I am SURE if Jobs talks in Seybold, he will present the G5 Quicksilver....100% sure! A rather reliable source told me that they are ready to ship G5s in February! With USB 2, Bluetooth and maybe even with the improved Firewire Bus...