My current network setup requires me to go through a SOCKS4 proxy to access the Internet. This isn't too bad since IE and Napster have decent support for it, but I need to use DataComet (under Classic) to be able to telnet. I'd like to use SSH instead, but I'm not sure how to get it to support SOCKS4 (I'm pretty sure there's a way but I haven't had the time yet to look into it). What I would really like is a way to SOCKSify the entire tcp/ip layer under OS X, so I can use SSH, Fire, etc. etc..
Does anyone have any insight into how I could go about setting this up for myself?
Thanks in advance..


Not sure about OSX SOCKS support, but I had the same problem with OS9 running on a network with MS Proxy Server 2, IE and Outlook could see out, but FTP/SSH couldn't.

In the end, I found some info on and downloaded Interarchy 3.8, which comes with a little app called SOCKS4 App. This worked like a charm, suddenly I could FTP and telnet (just run it in the background and *don't* set the ftp/telent to use proxy), although be aware that the Proxy server may need the latest service pack (otherwise, FTP uploads hang half way through).

This little tip saved my sanity and probably kept me my mac at work... so I'm happy to pass it on!

I know that there are SOCKS wrapping programs for Unix systems, so hopefully a OSX compliant one is out only around the corner.