Software and Games for Mac OS X


Dear reader,

Do somebody now a fing about software and games for mac OS X.
And on number one the game Age of Empire 2.


Stefan Ladage
Because OSX is a beta - a work in progress - there is very little software available for it yet, and as near as I can tell, NO large commercial products, such as high-end games.

Apple's download page ( can direct you to some downloadable software for OSX. Also, you can download a missle-command type game for OSX at:

Look for more OSX software, including games, when a final release is available.

An OS with no software is not much use; very little software is available for OSX Public Beta, because it is not a finished product. Apple admits (indeed, emphasizes) that it's being made available to the public primarily to help Apple "polish" it (pun intended). So it is to be expected that some important things - like games - are not yet available.
Didn't you know that OMNI group already ported a version of Quake III Arena to MacOS X? I already tried it and it is about 20% faster than MacOS 9.

Let's see.

Glider Pro runs for a while but then freezes up mysteriously. From what I can see the mouse pointer is not visible so it's difficult to force quit the app.

Crystal Caliburn doesn't run at all, but then it didn't run on Mac OS 9 either.

Crystal Quest runs but strangely enough only in Black and White mode (no matter the color settings).

Diamonds appears to run fine.

The Activision Adventure Pack (I think that's what it's called) runs fine for joystick games like Pitfall and Frostbite, but the paddle controlled games like Kaboom seem overly sensitive (this may be an issue in OS 9, I'm not sure).

Many people say that Bugdom runs, but I don't find this to be the case. If you have the OEM version, it gives you a message that the game isn't licensed for your machine. If you get the latest "update" from their website I'm able to see the opening screen and hear music, but not able to see anything when the actual game play starts.

Still to test:
Star Trek 25 Anniversary
The Lost Legends of Infocom
Pathways into Darkness
World Builder
Reach for the Stars
and many more.

:) Yeah, I know the original poster was talking about modern games with cool graphics and sounds, but other than Budgom, these are the cool games that I've been playing on my Mac for years and it's incredibly unlikely that anyone will ever release an update or revision. That's just the sort of code that the Classic environment was designed to be used for.
Originally posted by thebettsboy
Didn't you know that OMNI group already ported a version of Quake III Arena to MacOS X? I already tried it and it is about 20% faster than MacOS 9.


True enough, but technically it isn't "commercial" because it's not for sale. It's a free download, and the OSX application only works if you already have the full game installed. Still - it's worth mentioning.
I own Quake III for the PC... is it possible to use the PC cd and the QIII Omnigroup port?

Originally posted by ruzz
I own Quake III for the PC... is it possible to use the PC cd and the QIII Omnigroup port?

Mmm interesting point. I would sure like to know the answer to that question.
Are there people who can enlight us on this???

I've actually tried just that. I had to copy the quake folder from the cd to my hd and then run the Omniport... The program opens like it's going to work but then it freezes with a yellow screen. The screen that is the backdrop for the little iD software stamping effect at startup.

I've only tried it once due to the fact that it majorly lightens your screen resolution and I had a hard time swiching back to the desktop from the frozzen yellow screen. I then had to log back out and in again to get my screen resolution back to normal.

If I somehow get it to work i'll let you know.
try downloading the mac Q3 demo and using the .cfg (i am not exactly sure what it is called, just look for the file that is not one of the levels in the levels folder) file it comes with instead of the one from the PC version of Q 3.
Good luck!
How do you install the PC version on the PC then ?

I have tried downloading the demo and changing the PAK files, no go at all... :/


Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire expansion run fine, though the cursor gets garbled. The speed is no different then in 9 straight, to my eye. This is a great game and should be the only game I play, but...

I was swayed by the hype and bought Diablo ][. The game is basically a suped up Gauntlet. Anyway I played it a bunch in 9 before the beta came out. Now that I got classic running I tried it in Classic. Even after I lowered the graphic settings it dawgs just moving around with a monster or two on the screen can't imagine how slow it would be in a hectic fight. I guess if I want to play this game again, online I'd best boot into 9.

I order CroMagnum Rally they promised an OS X patch as soon as OS X is finalized. You can preorder it now from Pangea.

I managed to get Deus Ex running under Classic, but there were two mouse cursors, the one for the game and the desktop one which permenantly stayed on screen.

It ran ok, but cos of the mouse cursors, I could not get any further than the menu :/

Although CaveDog is dieing (from what i've heard, if not already dead), I still love TA. It works fine under classics, except that the cntrl key isn't functional (so u can't click on the map and move to that location instantly) and the mouse arrow looks all funky. Way to go emulation... if only it were more seemless... like (shudder) Windows.


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I recently got Quake 3 and tried using it under os x with Q3 made by omni group. Every time I start it up, the splash screen comes up, then it it switches my monitor to a resolution too high for my monitor, writing out "Out of range" on my monitor. I can quit quake by pressing command + q then return, but when I get out, my monitor is realy bright and I have to relogin to change it back to the original settings.
Any one eles have this type of problem? Any solutions?