Software for wedding invites?

Paul C

I want to create my own wedding invites on A5 paper, I don't want loads of clip art on the page but I dunno which software to use, what would people recommend, maybe Freehand 10 or something else?
Indesign is good for setup layouts, but Illustrator would probably be the best way to go for Wedding invitations. I think of Indesign as (which it is mainly) document set up. Like if you had a list of invitations and wanted specific tables, and maybe a picture or that. Or... what do they call it, a lot of persons were using it last year at my school for a scholarship. It had to be a portfolio of works they had done - e.g Journalism, Theatre, Encore, etc. stuff like that. - Indesign is layout, Illustrator is good for basically everything.
InDesign is page layout, Illustrator is for, well, illustrating. You do graphics there, not multipage documents, really. I'd actually use both. Draw stuff in Illu and place them in InDesign, where you have much better control over how the pages will look and print etc. But then I'm already using both apps...
Do them by hand :)

I had initially wanted to do my invites by computer, but the then future wife insisted we do it by hand. Turned out quite nicely, with a personal touch to boot! Of course, the insides were printed, and I used MS Word (yes, I did) to print them.