Software imaging onto Hire Macs? Installing lots of apps quickly?


Hello everyone,

I use macs in a live environment - and its usually only 2, a main and a backup - but when i get them oon hire they simply come with the bare OS, and i have to go throught he tedious task of installing all the apps id need when on site - photoshop, illustrator, FCP etc etc. Ok - its not the end of the world - but times often very tight and i have to keep going back ad changing cd discs etc.

My question is: IS there a quick way of putting the apps id need on in one go - an idea that springs to mind is simpyl having the apps from a machine i use copied onto afirewire, and then dragging them all into the apps folder on the destination hire macs - but i dont know if this would miss off a lot of the little bits installed from the installations discs. Is there a way of creating an 'image' of the ideal apps folder, backing this up to DVD-R and when i get a hire mac i can just run this disc somehow and have all the work done for me???

I welcome any advice - Many thanks.